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This page features stories I've written about all aspects of residential real estate from building, investing in, purchasing as a primary home, and interior design. If your brand or blog wants stories about luxury real estate investing, buying, and maintenance that resonate well with readers and keeps them returning for more of your editorial content, contact me today. Let's talk about how my stories can fit seamlessly into your editorial content strategy or about how we can work together to implement a content strategy that meets your objectives. 

Client Testimonial

“Your writing is solid, your journalism is excellent and your instincts are great.”—Gina Pogol, Editor, The Mortgage Reports

How To Inherit A Rent-Controlled Apartment From A Friend

Inheriting a rent-controlled apartment is like achieving rental nirvana: a state of housing bliss where your rent is always below market rate. But rent-controlled apartments rarely become available to the public, so it’s not an easy dream to realize. However, with a little grit, determination, and luck, depending on where you live, you might just be able to make it happen. For those interested in giving it a shot, here’s where to start.

Smart Tips for Decorating Your Apartment on a Budget

Decorating a new apartment can quickly go from exciting to overwhelming, especially if you’re on a tight budget. As a renter moving into a new apartment, you want to make your place feel like your own home, but without spending a ton of money every time you move. Herein lies the eternal rental decorating dilemma: Which items should be higher quality, and where can you get away with more frugal options? Follow this set of savvy furnishing guidelines to know.

8 Home Repairs That Are Not a Landlord’s Job

While your landlord is expected to handle many fixes, there are others that are on you. Your lease will often define exactly when and how you should make any repairs. When in doubt, pull out the paperwork. The general rule of thumb is that renters are responsible for repairing any damage that they cause themselves. So if you want to remain on peaceful terms with your landlord, don’t be the renter who calls about changing a lightbulb. Here are eight more repairs that you'll make yourself.

How to Protect Your Earnest Money When Buying a House

You’ve finally found your dream home, and you’re getting ready to make an offer. It’s an exciting time! But there’s also a lot at stake. The financial decisions you make while buying your home can affect your long-term net worth. After all, your home is likely to be one of your most valuable assets. Before you submit your bid, it’s important to understand what an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) is, how you can use one to strengthen your offer, and how to protect your money should anything come up during your home-buying process. Here’s what you need to know.

A guide to AVMs (Ghostwritten)

Whether you are considering buying, refinancing, or taking a loan on your home, the first step is to determine its value. And the faster you and the lender agree on that value, the quicker you can move forward. This is where AVMs can help. An AVM or automated valuation model is an approach used by real estate agents, mortgage companies and well-known companies, like Zillow, to quickly appraise a home’s value. Here's how they work and how they benefit you in real estate transactions.

How to Reclaim Secondhand Wood Furniture and Make It Your Own

Personalizing a reclaimed secondhand piece of wood furniture is a satisfying endeavor on several levels. First, you’ve done a good deed for the environment because you’re keeping used furniture out of the landfill. Second, it’s an opportunity to turn a mediocre piece into a masterpiece. This blog post, which I was assigned but sourced, developed and wrote, gives tips on how to reclaim old wood furniture and make it yours.

Surprising Facts About the Eco-Friendliness of Furniture Rental

This post brought out the data journalist in me. I had to analyze the story behind the numbers and find additional data to support the original study. I focused on making this a piece of strong, editorial content that inspires readers to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly by recycling rather than replacing things. That can increase greenhouse gases since people end up disposing of their old items improperly. Read the blog post for more.

Out with the Old: When It's Time to Update to Safer Furniture

This post is on upgrading from furniture made under old environmental and chemical exposure regulations to safer furniture. Originally, the focus of the post was different, but I showed the client how to make a better impression on readers by removing some keywords and refocusing the post to make a stronger connection between the statistics it presents and the company's offerings. This kind of tweaking can mean better engagement and outcomes for an overall content marketing strategy. It's how I combine my journalism background with my marketing fluency to help clients achieve their content marketing objectives.

How to Use Natural Stone in a Kids’ Bathroom

If your children have their own bathroom, make that space unique to them and as kid-friendly as possible. To survive their childhood, you want this bathroom to be durable. You can achieve this using natural stone if you know which stone to choose. You also can change the space as your kids outgrow some decorative elements without decreasing your home's value or making a significant investment. Here are 7 tips for creating a kids’ bathroom that will fit their personalities—and the rest of your home. (This is a post I pitched, developed, interviewed for and wrote.)

Boomerang Buyers Can Get A Mortgage After Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure

During the last decade, many wanting out of their mortgages without foreclosure opted for a deed in lieu of foreclosure (DIL). That means you hand your lender the keys and the deed to your house, and it cancels your mortgage in exchange.
The lender also agrees not to start foreclosure proceedings or to discontinue a foreclosure if it's already underway. The best of outcomes for these transactions leaves you with no mortgage deficiency. Left with no balance on the loan, you can rebuild your credit and life and move on, right? But, can you get another mortgage after a DIL? And when? That depends on why you got the DIL. This blog post answers these and other questions.

Mortgage tips: Calculate house payment correctly

House payment mistakes can cost you. Far too many buyers make the mistake of calculating their house payments like their rent. That’s because the landlord usually pays all the costs of ownership. But when you become the owner, you’re responsible for more expenses than you were as a renter. So, it’s essential to calculate house payments correctly. That way, you won’t end up house poor, struggling to pay your mortgage each month, or worse, in foreclosure. Be confident and get your calculation...

Your Plain English Guide To Real Estate Terms

There’s a lot to know when you’re buying real estate. This high-ticket purchase could be the largest investment you ever make. You can’t afford to let things get lost in translation, especially the language of the deal. However, some real estate agents speak in industry lingo that brings back your worst high school foreign language class memories. It’s not their fault. These real estate terms have legal meanings, so they must use them. Here's what they mean.
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