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Dahna M. Chandler, MPS

Award-Winning Business Journalist | Wealth Literacy Specialist | B2B & B2C Finance Industry Content Strategist | Financial Inclusion Advocate

Writing people-first content bolstered by exceptional content strategy that helps your brand get noticed, not lost in the noise—or ignored completely.

I offer high-quality, primarily B2B and B2C FIRE—finance, insurance, and real estate—project-based storytelling solutions. This exclusive people-first editorial content is backed by data, thoroughly researched and based on expert interviews and deep credible research, making it unique in a GAI-generated content environment.

I write content that helps readers achieve their wealth goals. I also write personal finance and real estate content for general audiences and business operations and development content for small business owners.

The latest SEO strategies, "E-E-A-T: Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust," and "Y-M-Y-L: Your Money Your Life" approaches fuel the content I provide for you. That means it does well in search and cuts through all the noise to connect with, captivate, and convert your ideal clients.

Specializing in enhancing wealth literacy, I have deep niche experience in writing content for mass affluent and emerging high-net-worth audiences. I offer content educates them on wealth development, management, preservation, transfer, and enjoyment.

The international finance brands I work with include private banks, wealth management brands, credit card companies, and some fintechs and insurance companies.

I also write editorial content for recognized real estate brands and personal finance stories for respected media outlets.

As importantly, I write content that fits seamlessly into the content strategy of content managers trying to educate wealth managers on their brand's services or provide financial literacy content for their clients.

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What Clients Say

Dahna and I have worked together on several projects for a financial client. Dahna has deep knowledge of the financial issues and interests of mass affluent and high net worth people, which has made her a good fit for these projects. She is also skilled at finding data and research to support her work. And she's a strong writer who is easy and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her for data- and research-driven financial writing, as well as any financial writing that requires a solid understanding of mass affluent and high net worth consumers.

Lisa, Contently Managing Editor

Lisa requested I exclude her last name from this recommendation to protect her privacy. Contact me for verification of her recommendation.

Dahna is a gifted writer, meticulous researcher, and a terrific communicator who has a keen knack for detail. She is an intuitive and skilled finance writer who can adapt to any brand voice while creating helpful and empowering content. I am happy to have Dahna on my contributing team!

Jordan Merimee, Editor at Chime

Why work with me?

I'm not "just a writer." I'm a content strategist, too. I can help you develop a comprehensive content strategy to ensure your stories get seen. I’ve done both— editorial content writing and strategy—with commercial success since 1997. That was long before this now common communications strategy was called "content marketing."

I'll deliver customized solutions that not only engage your ideal clients but also inspire them to take action, forging lasting connections with your brand. I work with you to ensure my content fits seamlessly into your content marketing plan.

After learning more about what I offer, contact me to explore how my expertise in developing B2B and B2C editorial content can amplify your financial brand's story. Let me help you capture and keep the attention of your target audience.